Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dell and Linux

There have been a lot of discussion about Dell and Linux for a while. Both at Dell's Idea Storm, different news and blogs. It had not only been at Linux and Open source news sites, but also in major computer magazines. Dell seems and confess that they are confused about Linux and how to fit in their business model. Mark describes it pretty well in his blog. He also mentions that taking part in Microsofts marketing budget is important money. This is impossible for the suppliers to admit officially, but several suppliers have told me this of the record.

When I bought my new laptop this Christmas, I looked for a specific configuration but also for the possibility to buy one without an OS or with Linux pre installed. Any Linux is better than Windows, even if I replace it with Ubuntu. At a fair here in Sweden early last fall a Dell representative told me that I could buy a laptop without Windows if I called them, but not on the site. When it was time for me to buy my laptop mailed Dell and asked what rebate I would get if I bought a specific computer without Windows. I never got an answer.

Since I got no answer, I bought a MSI S271 from Komplett without Windows. I saved more than 1200 Swedish crowns (€130). Unfortunately, it seams that Komplett had stopped selling the MSI laptops. I hope the market looks better next time I need to buy a laptop.

Suppliers, if you can't decide what distribution to deliver pre installed. At leas deliver computers without an operating system.

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