Monday, March 19, 2007

Apparmor packages availiable

As I wrote yesterday I am packaging AppArmor for Ubuntu. When I got home from work today I continued my packaging.

I have fixed so the kernel modules are loading at boot. Kees was kind to provide me a module-assistant enabled package for the kernel modules. That saved med a lot of work and time, since I never had packaged kernel modules before. Further, I added some dependencies, did some testing and packaged the documentation. You can find the packages here. They are built for Ubuntu Feisty.

Normally when building packages from a project you take one tar.gz-file and build one or several packages. With AppArmor it is a bit different. The project provides snapshots of the Subversion tree in several tar.gz-files. As a beginning I build one package from each of the provided tar.gz-files. Later, I hope AppArmor starts to do regular normal releases. I will then revamp the packages to build all packages from one tar.gz-file.

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Hans Persson said...

I should really figure out how to build packages and make a repository to keep the stuff I install manually easily at hand.

Do you happen to have a pointer to a howto?