Friday, March 13, 2009

Do you have some data?

Are you sitting on some data and not sharing it? Is it collected by tax-funding? Why do you not share it?

Tim Berners-Lee talk at TED about the problem people not sharing data. Take 15 minutes and listen to his talk. I wait when you doing it............

OK? Are you still sitting on your data? Have you talked to you boss about share it? Show the talk for him/her. Think! Help mankind!

Actually, Tim Berners-Lee talks about the semantic web but not using the word.

The next swedish superstar

Normally I write about tech related things on this blog. Since there a massive interest in todays topic I write about it here instead of in my Swedish blog.

The other day the Swedish evening paper Expressen had a full page article about Erik Hassle and that he had signed a world wide record contract. Erik has only released one single in Sweden earlier. His first album will be released in April in Sweden. According to the record company boss will Erik be one of Sweden's greatest artist.

Well, last night did I attend a concert organized by the Swedish UN-organization to collect money to remove mines. There were several bands playing, but for me Erik Hassle was the main event. The crowd were screaming and dancing. The sound were terrific. The music and the lyrics, good as ever. It was a great gig and it is exciting to know that it is Sweden's next big artist. (Sorry for the very bad picture taken with my cellphone.)

The music on Eriks myspace-page is good, but he is even better live.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Problem with Gmail and Gtalk

Seems like Google has problems again with Gmail and Gtalk. Thats bad! I have had problem for about an hour with Gmail and a few minutes ago did Gtalk stop working. I hope that the problems are solved soon.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

IE-free Windows 7?

If this is true, that Internet Explorer will be optional in Windows 7, then it is a huge victory for the Open Source movement and for free competition on the software market.