Friday, February 29, 2008

End of windows desktop

After to much problems with my MS Windows-computer at work, I decided to start using our new Linux clients. It is based on Fedora 8 64-bit. My first impression was that it worked pretty well, but I need to use Citrix to access some applications such as document management system and time reporting.

One of my duties is to develop a new website using the CMS-system Polopoly. When I started my development environment I run out of memory. Due to that the Fedora installation was 64-bit it needs more memory which was foreseen by the people that develop the new client platform and no one wanted to give me more memory. So I ended up installing a 32-bit Ubuntu 7.10, which was no big deal. I installed it on a HP laptop 6910p which so far seems to works nice. Flipping internal and external monitor works great., but I have not tested Wireless and Bluethooth yet.

Since I mentioned Polopoly. We reported a bug last week that we could not upload pictures when using a PostgresSQL database. The answer we got from Polopoly was that it worked in their environment were they used version X of Postgres and Y of the JDBC-driver. I told them that the version of the JDBC-driver they used is not supported from the Postgres project anymore. Their response was more or less that they did not care about that. I have never ever got that kind of bad answer from any Open Source project I have reported a bug to. Not that Polopoly is a proprietary product that we pay for, including their support.

Friday, February 22, 2008

At the Monks before IT-support

This is one of my favorite video clips which I today found sub-titled in English. It also illustrates todays problem and maybe also why it is so hard for people to learn a new software or change from Windows to Linux.

It is originally from Norwegian television.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Everybody talks about FOSDEM

It is one week to FOSDEM and every body talks about going there. I had in my plan to go there, but unfortunately it does not fit my schedule. I must say I am quite jealous about it and can only hope that I can attend it next year.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A printer to mother in law

I wrote yesterday that I thought to buy a laser printer. My brother in law told me that I could take the one he had standing in the cellar and try it out. So I will go there and fetch it some day.

This weekend we visited my mother in law in Stockholm. We decided to visit Mediamarkt on our journey. When we told my Mother in law that, she asked us to buy her a printer for about €80. We found a HP Deskjet F4180 All in one that we bought for her. It has a built in scanner and copier.

In her apartment I connected it to her Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) machine. The computer said "I found a printer you may start to use it" or something equal to that. Then we were up and running. Both printing and scanning worked out of the box. I wrote some small instructions for my mother in law how to print photos and use the scanner.

In reviews I have read about the printer people complain about that it is hard to install ... in MS Windows. I do not understand it, run Linux/Ubuntu and there are nothing to install it just works.

The printer is easy to use, print nice pictures, and can easy be to put in a bookshelf so it does not take much space. I think it was a good choice.