Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bazaar Version Control

I have played a bit with bzr a few days. I have earlier planned to setup a subversion server. The plan was to use subversion instead of cvs. But I thought it was complex to set up, a version control system should be easy to set up and use. I have also heard that there have been some problem when upgrading the repository database and I do not want to loose my repository since I also use it as a backup.
Bzr is nice and easy to set up as well as use. It is easy extensible and have good documentation and tutorials. The tutorials makes it easy to start using it.
Since it is a distributed system, the thinking when using it must be a bit different. You will get good help reading bzr for CVS users.

bzr will be my version control system of choice. It is also used a lot in the Ubuntu community.

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Hans Persson said...

I've never heard of Bazaar before, but it sounds kind of interesting. I like the idea of being able to check in stuff without access to the real repository, which it seems that I'll get here.

I've been toying with the idea of restructuring and cleaning up my CVS tree, and perhaps it would be useful to move to Bazaar at the same time.