Friday, August 29, 2008

Integrated web: Ubiquity

Damn Ubiquity is cool. Just take a look at this. Ubiquity is a mashup tool for Firefox. A very simplified description what it does is a cut and paste tool that understands meta data. If you mark an address and say map it you get a map over the address and can insert it into an e-mail. You can mark text on a page and get it replaced with in the page with an translated alternative.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I bought 128K of memory 1990

I just found out that I bought some memory in Mars 1990. I paid 200 Swedish kronor for 128Kbyte of memory. Yes it is k as in 1024. A quick look tells me that I can buy mor than 1GB DDR-2 memory for the same amount of money. Thats more than 8000 times more memory for the same money.

128Kbyte is:

  • 8 seconds of MP3-music.
  • less than the amount of cache your CPU has. (probably)
  • ... well ... Not much!

Ubuntu on Eee 900

I installed Ubuntu, Eee-edition, on my Eee 900. One strange thing happened when I booted from my USB-memory to start the installation. The bootprocess halted. I removed the splasch to see what happened. Same thing again and I didn't get any clue. I removed the USB-stick and put it in another USB-port. Then suddenly the boot continued. The rest of the installation get smootly thanks to the instructions at Ubuntu-eee project site.

I love that I now have the same environment on my Eee as on my desktop.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

10K RPM hard disks

I would like to have a 10K RPM hard disk in my workstation. IT would speed up compilations and other things that reads a lot from disk. But the 10K hard disks are still very expensive. Why?

A 250GB SATA-disk 7.2K RPM and 16MB cache cost 395 swedish kronas. Just over €40. The cheapest 10K disk, which is only 75GB, cost SEK 1095 or about €116. 75GB would be enough on my client. But why three times the cost of another decent disk.

It is not that I can't afford it. Just that it is more fun to by a 1TB-disk or more RAM for those money.