Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The future is cloudy

It is obvious most vendors are very focused on supporting the cloud. Ubuntu 9.04 focus on provide so you can have your "own" Amazon cloud. Canonical provides images for Amazon EC2. SpringSource makes it simpler to deploy spring applications on the cloud, both own Google AppEngine and Amazon. Vmware helps you to build your inhouse cloud.
Then we have all SaaS services like Google Apps, Salesforce, sugarcrm.

The big question is: How do we get single sign on on the cloud?

Enough about clouds for today.

One of the bigest news from SpringOne here in Amsterdam is that SpringSource development environment, STS, will be free as in no fees. Today it was mentioned in one conversation that a new minor release of STS will be released next thursday.

Now @ twitter too

I am now at twitter too. I will probably only twitt at special occasions like conferences.

SpringOne Europe 2009 day2

SpringSource is really pushing Groovy and Grails. Hope they start pushing Jython too.

Heard a nice talk just before lunch about transactions. Transactions engines are hard to write. Recomendation is to skip XA transactions.

Time for some The before the next session.

Monday, April 27, 2009

What's in Spring 3?

One session talked about the upcoming Springframework 3.0. It is more annotations, support for validation in JPA/Hibernate beans. Most interesting is that Spring will solve the REST-problem in Java. Python and Ruby has already solved it. JAX-RS does not solve it in Java. It does not support a way to negotiating what format the result should be in (JSON, XML, HTML etc). Spring 3.0 solves this. So this will be very usefull. Spring 3 will be available early this summer.

The conference has ben good so far. Two days to go. I have also attended a talk about performance tuning of Tomcat and a more detailed talk about Roo wich I mentioned from the keynote.

SpringOne Europe 2009 Keynote monday

Some interesting notes from the keynote by Rod Johnson.
SpringSource modified Eclipse environment STS for make it easier to develop Spring applications will be free from now.

Their new tool Roo (may change name) to kickstart web development looks very promising. Finally something in the java world that makes simple forms development as easy as VB or Delphi.

SpringOne Europe 2009

I am attending the SpringOne conference in Amsterdam. The conference will start any minute now. The program looks very interesting.
the morning here in Amsterdam was a bit cloudy but the sun is now shining. For you that did not know that; you can be full on one pancake. I just eat one with mushrooms and cheese.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Netbook Remix

Some people have complained on the Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix release. I installed it on my Asus EeePC 900 last night at the Ubuntu Release party. It fits my needs on the EeePC perfectly. I do not want it on my normal desktop PC but on a a smal device is it very good.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Time to party!!! 9.04 is here

Ubuntu 9.04 is here. I have already downloaded the netbookremix image. It is soon time to take Remy, my EeePC, to the release party at The Champ here in Linköping.