Monday, January 29, 2007

A month of MSI S271 with Ubuntu Linux

I have now had my laptop for a month. The laptop is great in size, weight, and speed. Most hardware components I have tried works. So I am happy.

Okey, but what is not working? I have noted three things.

First, the earphone connector does not work. According to some info on the net there are a patch for Alsa that should make it work. Maybe it will work in Feisty. I have not been digging deeper into this, my need have not yet been that big.

The second thing is when you want to have dual head. I have had dual head running for years on Matrix and Nvidia cards on my desktop. But I do not get the ATI card to handle two screens with different resolution. It works fine if I have the same resolution, I can switch back and forth between only laptop and dual head. There are newer releases of the ATI-drivers on ATI's web site, but I have not tested these. I have until now only tested the drivers in Edgys multivers. I am using the closed source drivers since I want to use the hardware acceleration.

Third, I do not know how to turn of the tapping function on the touch pad. I thought I would get use to it, but I am not. It is time to look into that.

Until now I have not tested:

  • SD/MMC/MS card reader
  • Bluetooth
  • Microphone

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