Saturday, January 20, 2007

Express card investigation

I have a Express Card slot in my laptop. Until today, I have thought it is just another name for PCMCIA/PC Card. Which it isn't. Express Card has a smaller connector an exists in two sizes 34 and 54 mm.
What I am looking for is a Compact Flash (CF) reader, since my Nikon D70 uses these. Unfortunately, a express card CF reader costs about $60 and a PC-Card CF-reader costs about $12. That's not funny. I can buy a USB connected CF-reader for about $12, but I want to avoid carry around a lot of loose pieces. I will wait a while too see if the prices goes down and coninu to use my desktop for the purpose a bit longer.

On the good side I found that Belkin has a docking station that you connect to the express card slot. The MSI S271 does not have support for traditional docking station, which was a drawback I did know when I bought it. Now is the question if Linux supports Belkins docking station.

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