Saturday, October 27, 2007

Unbuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) after a week

After have used Ubuntu 7.10 a little more than a week I have got some experiences, bote positive and negative. I have not spend any time to try to fix the problems I have, yet. So there may be solutions to them. The computer I have used Ubuntu 7.10 is my laptop MSI S271 with a AMD-CPU and a ATI graphics card.

Lets start with the bad things. Hibernation have stopped working and I have found on the forums that I am not alone. This is definitely my biggest problem so far.

I got disappointed that I can't use Compiz. It may work if I change driver I have not tested that. Both the new open source driver xgl and the older one may be candidates. Currently am I using fglrx Several sites have written today that AMD/ATI has released a new driver, that may be another solution.

The network manager seems still not working for me, but thats no big deal for me. I can use wireless and it is not to big deal to change SSID and network in the old fashioned way.

Finally I have some problems with pidgin. Groups with Swedish characters like ÅÄÖ are showed two times, on time with correct title and one time with a typical UTF-8 error. The faulty group cannot be removed. I know that I have had the same problem with earlier GAIM/Pidgins after upgrades.

Now its sounds like it is a big disappointment, but its not. The system is still very stable and iot works fine for my daily use. There are some positive changes too.

First of all, which I like very much, is that I get notably better battery time. I have no exact measurements but at least half an hour. Futher, the printing tray icon notifies me when my printer is out of paper. That is good since that I am not always in the same room as the printer. Open office is also starting faster. The good things may sounds like few, but that is OK since Ubuntu is released often and easy to upgrade. Smaller changes gives fewer problems.

Important is also that the upgrade from 7.04 worked smoothly after I had disabled my third party repositories, like medibuntu, and increased the size of my root volume.


agger said...

Did you solve the hibernation problem? I just bought a new MSI S271 myself, and am installing Ubuntu on it and hoping to get everything to work...

agger said...

Sorry, now I see you *did* solve the problem.

Gutsy is installing right now, am looking forward to using your tips as how to make this very nice laptop work well with Ubuntu :-)