Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Swedish police saves 400 cars by using MySQL

MySQL has a press release that tells us that the Swedish police save the amount of 400 fully equipped police cars in the period of five years. Unfortunately, very few Swedish governmental organizations tells the public these kind of facts about their savings using Open Source. I hope this will be a wall breaking case.


Anonymous said...

saving 400 cars... and my income is 4.23 car/per year.(?)

Make it simple: how much money do they save?
something like this:
if such a car costs 25000 , then they save 10 million.

So the key question is : what does such a car cost?

Magnus Runesson said...

After some searching I found that a police car costs in Sweden from about $75000.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the research.

30m is a lot of $$$ for just a DB system.

I assume that that is the money they spend on MS-SQL licenses in the past.
If this becomes a success then I wonder if it is possible to sue public organizations for giving away millions!

I used to work for a governmental organization that spend even more on a website + documentation system. I told them they could get the same (and better) for free, but they couldn't believe it.

We need more of such examples!

yess said...

They saved this money from migrating from ORACLE database to MySQL database. That simple