Thursday, May 15, 2008

Adobe, where is the 64-bit flash player?

Adobe has today released a beta of version 10 of their Flash-player. As opposite to earlier flash version, the Linux player is released at the same time as for the other operating systems. That is good news. But I still miss a 64-bit version of the Flash-player for Linux.

Adobe, give us a 64-bit flash-player for Linux Now.

Worth mention is that Adobe is listing Ubuntu as supported Linux.


Anonymous said...

I hear you. I hate how almost every site I visit in 64bit IE tells me to install flash player. then i have to copy the url, close 64,open 32, paste the url, and try again. sigh.

Anonymous said...

its pretty comical actually.

i think i got an athlon 64 in like 2003?

at most all i ever had to do was change a long back to an int32, or add -fPIC to a makefile.

of course gnash and a few other efforts have worked on 64bit for quite a while too