Thursday, March 27, 2008

Entering new ground

Today did my parts that I ordered other day for my new computer arrived. At the same time did my copy of Donald Knuths "The Art of Computer Programming" arrive. It's heavy.

I have started assemble the computer by removing the old parts from the case. I have decided to install the beta of Ubuntu Hardy Heron 64-bit edition right away. Why wait?

And now to something completely different...

Last two days have I attended a course in PostGIS. PostGIS is an addition to PostgreSQL to get spatial capabilities, which is used for geographical systems. Teacher for the course was one of the developers of PostGIS, Mark Cave-Ayland, and one of the Postgres developer, Magnus Hagander. I am more and more impressed of Postgres and PostGIS capabilities the more I learn about it.

Another fun thing I have observed is that my colleagues have begun to buy computers, wipe out Windows, and install Linux, often the Ubuntu taste. We will soon conquer the world.

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