Thursday, September 13, 2007

JavaZone end

I continued the day by listening to a re-run of Ivar Jacobssons talk, which where I missed yesterday due to the room got full before I got there. It was the most interesting talk at the conferens, even if it wasn't about Java. As you may know Dr. Jacobsson is one of the three gurus behind RUP. He admitted during the talk that RUP and Objectory were too heavy and why throw out everything if only one part of your process fail.

Instead he have broken down processes into eight practices. Practices are parts of processes which more or less all processes include in different forms. Example of practices are teams or architecture. There are not only one way to implement a team, so there will be several practices that describes teams and you should select the one that fits your organization. Jacobsson have one way to implement each of the eight practices. Other will present others, in total there are 100s of practices.
Each practice is documented as ten to twenty cards and then some pages in a book as a deeper reference. In total is the documentation less than 200 pages, compared to RUPs 3000 pages.
Jacobsson calls the new "process" Essential Unified Process.

I love Jacobssons new way of describing processes and that we no longer should have people just maintain and develop processes. Instead will the teams "create" the process according to its needs. I also love the case that he finally says that one size does not fit all. I will definetly promote this new way of thinking, which also fits very well into agile methods.

I visited to different seminaries about Spring. One was about OSGi and Springs implementation. OSGi is a way to dynamically load and change modules in a Java environment at runtime. Very sexy technology that make it possible to do upgrades without downtime. The other seminar was about webservices with Spring.

I also attended a seminar about generics in Java. Generics is new in Java since 1.5. I like generics, but I haven't used it in Java.

I am very satisfied with my first visit at JavaZone and hope I will have the possibility to come back another year. It have helped me to come back into the Java world. It have been talks about cutting edges things that only exists in SVN jet to experience reports of real projects. The talk has also been about processes and working methodology as well as deep into the code.

Most of the seminars are in English which makes it possible for non Scandinavian people to attend. I have also attended talks in Norwegian, which was no problems for me since Swedish and Norwegian are quite similar.

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