Wednesday, September 12, 2007

JavaZone day one continues

After a quick lunch I planned to listen o the OO and process guru Ivar Jacobsson but the room was full even before I got my sandwich. Instead I entered a seminar about REST which was quite interesting. Teh speach presented the fundamental architectural principles and explained problems and possibilities with real world examples.
Then I entered a seminar about how to structural code in a good manner to allow the software to evolve. It is quite connected to my old research area of maintainability of object oriented programs. The conclusion is the same as for ten years, but they need to be repeated;

  • Avoid circular dependencies.
  • Have cleare aims of your packages, modules etc.
If you get circular dependencies, do refactoring. Of course it may break backward compability. You need of course think how to handle lack of backward compability.

So far I haven't seen any Linux computers, except of my own Ubuntu. The rest are Mac or Windows, I wonder why.

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