Sunday, December 24, 2006

What is this?

I have been using Linux since before 1.0 of the kernel. I have been using it at home, school and work. Actually, Linux is my main task at work to day. I am responsible for the Linux servers at the Swedish weather service, SMHI. At work we are mostly running Red Hat Enterprise Linux. But at home I am running Ubuntu since an early release candidate of Warty. Before that I ave been running Red Hat/Fedora, Slackware, Yggdrasil, Debian, Gentoo and Suse.

Booth me and my wife are running Linux on our desktop. I have an extra lab-machine, that I easy can change between different versions due to network boot. The server is also running Ubuntu with an addition of Xen. So the server is hosting four other servers:

  • One for internal file, printing, web etc.
  • One authentication and authorization server running MIT Kerberos and OpenLdap.
  • One DMZ server accessible from internet with web and mail.
  • Finally a lab server that I am using to develop a music jukebox together with some friends.
Okey, so why am I writing this and why in English. I have a blog in Swedish since half a year where I mostly writes about my house and things related to that. But I feel that I want to practice my English writing skills more and that it would be nice to write more about Linux and mainly Ubuntu, so here we are.

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