Friday, December 29, 2006


Today, I did an upgraded of the BIOS in my laptop (MSI S271). I took a FreeDOS-image from the net and run dd to put it on a USB-memory-stick. I copied the unziped BIOS-files from MSI to the stick. Booted the laptop from the memory stick and run the BIOS update program.
It is important to take the BIOS for the right type of hard disk and to have the computer connected to the power net. (Do not run on the battery!)
Unfortunately, the problem with PXE-boot was not solved.

All hardwarecomponents I have tested so far had worked without any configuration; wireless, sound, screen, touchpad, ethernet. Except that the screen resolution was not correct detected during the installation of Ubuntu Edgy. I have not tested firewire, bluetooth and the SD/MMC/MS-card reader yet.

I have identified some activities that I have to do, to get things working like I want:

  • encrypted home directory
  • encrypted swap
  • smoother switching between wireless and ethernet
  • synchronization of the home directory and some other directories

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