Saturday, July 11, 2009

Moved to France

Not me but my mail server has moved to France or to be more correct is now hosted by the French hosting provider According to GeoIP it is in Paris. I rent a small virtual machine from them to host my web and mail server. This makes me less dependent of my broad band connection and I skip the problem that my IP-address may change without notice.

At Gandi I have an Ubuntu 9.04 Linux machine with 256kb of memory and 8GB of disk. This is more than enough for me to hosting private mail and web. The mailsever is postfix and dovecot. I have my own CA-authority to handle secure connections from my mail clients.


fake said...

Hi Magnus,
I think the memory capacity of your server is 256MB?

Magnus Runesson said...

"640KB will be enough for anyone." as Bill said. Nope, you are right it is MB. Actually I have now increased the memory to 512MB.