Friday, June 27, 2008

64-bit computing

I have used 64-Ubuntu for a few month now. I seriously thought about using a 64-bit Linux one and a half year ago. Back then one needed to fix a lot of things to get it work nice, i.e. fixing flash.
Have things been better? Yes. Are they good? Definitely no.

On a modern Ubuntu version you can get flash work with no trix. Its still not 64-bit., which I have written about earlier. Most codecs in the video-players works as well.

But there are several other problems. I have also written about Google Web Toolkit and 64-bit Linux, which was a bit of a hassle. We also have several binary drivers that is 32-bit only.

Today I want to install Google Gears. Guess what? It does not support 64-bit, except if you use the ugly ndiswrapper solution. All new processors from AMD and Intel are 64-bit, except Intels new Atom processor. This must mean that most of the computers used today supports 64-bit. So why doesn't we get 64-bit support in our software?

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Scott Wolchok said...

I'm maintaining a 64-bit patch for Gears. See the discussion group thread at and binaries are getting posted at .