Friday, February 29, 2008

End of windows desktop

After to much problems with my MS Windows-computer at work, I decided to start using our new Linux clients. It is based on Fedora 8 64-bit. My first impression was that it worked pretty well, but I need to use Citrix to access some applications such as document management system and time reporting.

One of my duties is to develop a new website using the CMS-system Polopoly. When I started my development environment I run out of memory. Due to that the Fedora installation was 64-bit it needs more memory which was foreseen by the people that develop the new client platform and no one wanted to give me more memory. So I ended up installing a 32-bit Ubuntu 7.10, which was no big deal. I installed it on a HP laptop 6910p which so far seems to works nice. Flipping internal and external monitor works great., but I have not tested Wireless and Bluethooth yet.

Since I mentioned Polopoly. We reported a bug last week that we could not upload pictures when using a PostgresSQL database. The answer we got from Polopoly was that it worked in their environment were they used version X of Postgres and Y of the JDBC-driver. I told them that the version of the JDBC-driver they used is not supported from the Postgres project anymore. Their response was more or less that they did not care about that. I have never ever got that kind of bad answer from any Open Source project I have reported a bug to. Not that Polopoly is a proprietary product that we pay for, including their support.

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