Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Three PostgreSQL books

I have for a long time been in the MySQL camp when it is about Open Source databases. It may depend on several different reasons, such as I am a Swede, it filled my needs etc. Of course, I have been using PostgreSQL at different occasions but not much.

This fall we started a project at work were we use GIS-data (geographic-data). MySQL only support a flat surface and can only do geometric queries using boxes, not arbitrary surfaces. That was not good enough for us. We took a look at PostgreSQL and its addition PostGIS. This was exactly what we needed.

Today I stumbled up on a three volume(1, 2, 3) reference guide of Postgres which is a nice complement to Postgres already terrific documentation. Best of all, take a look at the bottom of the pages with the Postgres books and you will find an online version of them.

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