Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sysklogd is the bad boy

Back at the computer today I have found out that it is sysklogd that is the bad boy on my Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) server. What happens is that sysklogd makes the some later scripts (dbus or bind9) started during boot is hanging. Some what irritating. It seems to works fine when starting it later. For instance. If I start sysklogd after the computer has booted and then restarts bind. Bind starts correctly.

For now, I start it manually after boot. I will do some more investigations what is happening.


Anonymous said...

hi, there. i got ubuntu 8.04 and am in the process of disabling services on it to boot up computer faster. i want to disable syslogd... do you think it's wise i do this? just to let you know, i'm an average user and i dont\'t run my system as a server.

Magnus Runesson said...

It is always good to have syslogd running. The logs can be useful to finde solutions to problems and kan be good to have in hand when asking things at mailinglists.