Thursday, August 30, 2007

Microsoft corrupts the standard process (update)

It has been a lot of writing about that Microsoft offered "marketing money" to Swedish partners that become member in the OOXML standard group i the Swedish standard organization (SIS), which votes for Sweden in ISO.
The Swedish computer news magazine Computer Sweden has now translated one of their articles to English that describes what happened.
By allowing this kind of scenes happened ISO will play out its role as an serious standard organization. Unfortunately this will hurst both consumers and the industry. What will happen the day screws following the same standard are incompatible?

Computer Sweden has a new article (in Swedish) about the voting. SIS has found that one company voted twice, which means that the voting is invalid and has to be redone. A new vote will probably not conducted before Sunday when the ISO voting take place. This means that Sweden will not vote in the ISO voting. No vote is better than a yes vote.

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